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Competitive Intelligence and Insights development to inform product brand positioning and strategy

Citrix GoToMeeting
Competitive Intelligence and Insights
Historically, competitive intelligence in the Citrix SaaS division was focused on analyst briefings and one-to-one comparisons around features. These are important, but give a limited view of relevant clarity necessary to compete appropriately – especially in crowded markets like GoToMeeting. The SaaS brand experience team worked to develop a new and more integrated approach to understanding and evaluating our competitive landscapes specifically to understand how well GoToMeeting measured up – not just across features but an end-to-end customer experience
The SaaS Brand Experience team worked closely with product marketing to identify the key competitors for evaluation – Skype, Google Hangouts, Fuze, Uberconference, BlueJeans and WebEx, alongside our own product GoToMeeting. We placed ourselves directly in the shoes of the customer capturing creative work that currently existed in-market, along with social and PR content. We signed up and used every tool across desktop and mobile experiences capturing key highlights throughout the customer journey. During our process we identified key brand aspects like observed positioning, tone & voice, creative direction along with significant areas of consideration where experiences were either incredible or appeared to fall off. This process was incredibly revealing of the competitive pressures GoToMeeting faces but also provided greater clarity on how we might improve. We were inspired by the transparent and fundamentally human stories told by Google hangouts, and the challenge to disrupt consumer expectations in a staid category like Uberconference. As we compared GoToMeeting directly to this set it became clear that while the individual deliverables for GoToMeeting had a degree of care and craft to them, the totality of the experience lacked consistency, and an unclear uniquely and differentiated story was undermining significant spend in market.
Analysis included brand positioning and creative messaging overviews of various competitive products
When we shared our findings, teams were overwhelmingly receptive, but also challenged and inspired. They found the work to be highly revealing and valuable because it was their first view into a comparative competitive landscape mapped directly against GoToMeeting at an experiential level. It revealed a healthy dose of reality and challenges to the team but also provided a sense of directional opportunity for how much better we could be.

Competitive experience audits are now formalized as a core practice of the brand experience team. The findings for GoToMeeting have set up a brand repositioning project currently way and are serving as instrumental to informing how we might evolve the brand.

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