Global Brand Design Crit
A global cross-product rebrand that worked to open up the brand design process to key product stakeholders.
Branding, Icon Design, Creative Direction
Andrulaitis + Mixon Brand Development
Andrulaitis+Mixon is a contemporary architecture firm located in Santa Barbara, California. I lead the design strategy team that developed the name, brand identity and brand strategy for this newly-formed company, whose principals came together from several other prestigious southern California architecture firms to create this new company. We developed a flexible identity designed to help Andrulatitis+Mixon stand out amongst a number of competing architecture firms, and that scaled across all of the various brand touchpoints integral to their brand expression.
Brand Identity Development, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction
Visual Product Narrative System
An innovative design ops system enabling faster creation of brand-aligned visual product storytelling across Citrix SaaS products and design teams.
Branding, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Global Visual Identity Redesign
A global brand identity redesign for Citrix SaaS products
Branding, Brand Identity, Visual Design
Citrix Mobility Apps Brand Guidelines for Social Media
Social Media Brand Guidelines for Citrix Mobility Apps
Branding, Creative Direction
Citrix Mobility Apps Naming Guidlines
Organize naming across a large portfolio of global SMB SaaS products and teams to accelerate innovation and support team autonomy while developing better usability across products for Citrix users.
Branding, UI/UX
Exploratory Brand Mood Boards
Conceptual Brand Mood Boards
Branding, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Citrix Labs Brand System
Branding system to help new experimental product innovations get to market faster
Branding, Creative Direction, Entrepreneurship
Citrix GoToMeeting Competitive Intelligence and Insight
Competitive Intelligence and Insights development to inform product brand positioning and strategy
Medlock Ames Website Packaging
This rich Brand Identity + Web Site foster visceral consumer interactions with the the Medlock Ames product on and offline A die-cut label is used as both an icon and window into the soul of the product. This sense of rolling liquidity that mirrors the landscape from which the product is derived, is then elegantly, interactively animated within the website.
Web Design, Web Development, Interaction Design
HiNT Identity
Thread Recruiting Identity
Thread is a San Francisco-based recruiting agency that specializes in senior and executive creative talent for large agencies and Fortune 500 companies. This identity helped launch the agency, and was carried over to the website and additional collateral materials.
Design, Branding, Icon Design
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