Exploratory Brand Mood Boards
Conceptual Brand Mood Boards
Branding, Creative Direction, UI/UX
GE@TED Conference Graphic Design
This project included researching and designing a series of images that visually showcased salient facts and figures about the future of electric vehicles. These images were showcased as part of a presentation at the TED 2011 conference, and promoted GE's new WattStation smart grid electric vehicle charging station.
Design, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
HiNT Health Care Decision Support Application
This Web Application helps the insured populations of large employers and major health insurance companies to get individually tailored health care solutions. I headed creative and technical direction on the development of this unique, web-based application.
Creative Direction, Interaction Design, Web Design
State of Maryland National Road Travel Site
The Historical National Road web site was designed by Ryan during his leadership of Sway. The primary goal of the Maryland Office of Tourism and Development is to get travelers to spend more time in Maryland and to spend more money while they are there. To this end, one of Marylands new initiatives is to educate potential tourists about all there is to see and do along The Historic National Road, the Nations first federally funded highway that runs for 140 miles through the state. TBC Advertising, Marylands agency of record, asked Sway to develop a web site that helps get users excited about traveling The Road. The primary challenge Sway faced was how to dimensionalize the road as a tourist destination when few people are actually familiar with it, In addition, the database of information about The Road that was available was structured for use by phone operators - not for use on a travel site. Because the Office of Tourism and Development is a government agency, the interface also needed to comply with Section 508 federal accessibility guidelines. Sway met these challenges by designing a unique layered interface that pushes all key content and functionality to the surface of the site. This makes it immediately apparent that there are lots of trip options along The Road. Users can initiate a search, browse restaurants, jump to trip ideas, check events, etc. from any page on the site, without having to drill down to a page dedicated to that feature. The interface also recognized that consumers use travel sites to find things they didnt previously know existed. To aid this discovery process, Sway re-packaged the existing database structure so that content could be accessed in multiple ways; the same restaurant might appear in a search by city, by cuisine or within a Trip Idea. To comply with Section 508, Sways design made careful use of standards-based HTML layouts, JavaScript-independent page functionality, images and text in interface design (especially for active interface elements), proper document type and HTML language tags, and universal ALT tags for all images, and more. Another objective Sway addressed was designing the site so that it could be easily used as a template by other Maryland scenic byways, not just the National Road. Without knowing anything about those byways, Sway achieved this by leveraging the color palette from Scenic Byways books and maps, and by ensuring the site required a minimal amount of original content creation. The site draws heavily on content in Marylands database of everything that exists in the state – Maryland can simply change the geography from zip codes along the National Road to zip codes along another scenic byway and the site will be populated with completely new content.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Creative Direction
Thread Recruiting Identity
Thread is a San Francisco-based recruiting agency that specializes in senior and executive creative talent for large agencies and Fortune 500 companies. This identity helped launch the agency, and was carried over to the website and additional collateral materials.
Design, Branding, Icon Design
Apple Customer Service Training Software
A fun design used for this Training Software at Apple customer support training centers worldwide. This software helped new employees coming from a range of technical backgrounds to get up to speed on a their new jobs quickly and easily.
Creative Direction, Interaction Design, Information Architecture
Levi's Touchscreen Retail Kiosk
Based on an enigmatic, animate interface design that consumers couldn’t resist touching, this in-store Touch Screen Kiosk was a huge success. The entire interaction began with a single, amoeba-like mobile drop of liquid moving randomly around the screen. When touched, this liquid icon splashed out into the kiosk interface, providing shoppers with a fantastical yet physically intuitive interaction that made them forget they were dealing with a computer.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Programming
Medlock Ames Website Packaging
This rich Brand Identity + Web Site foster visceral consumer interactions with the the Medlock Ames product on and offline A die-cut label is used as both an icon and window into the soul of the product. This sense of rolling liquidity that mirrors the landscape from which the product is derived, is then elegantly, interactively animated within the website.
Web Design, Web Development, Interaction Design
WiserCare Web-Based Health Care Product
This Web Application helps consumers understand complex medical decisions. Developed with a team of medical specialists, the WiserCare product provides a web-based process for helping patients with a range of serious medical conditions make optimal treatment choices based their unique clinical factors and history .
Information Architecture, UI/UX, Creative Direction
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