Global Visual Identity Redesign
A global brand identity redesign for Citrix SaaS products
Branding, Brand Identity, Visual Design
Global Brand Design Crit
A global cross-product rebrand that worked to open up the brand design process to key product stakeholders.
Branding, Icon Design, Creative Direction
Visual Product Narrative System
An innovative design ops system enabling faster creation of brand-aligned visual product storytelling across Citrix SaaS products and design teams.
Branding, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Pneuma Revisited: Cyfest 2017, Russia
Pneuma is a biometric telematic sculptural system that links artist and artwork in real time. Breathing and heartbeat are measured, transmitted and integrated into the motion of the piece via custom software and hardware. Pneuma is large architectural installation that would express the physical presence of the artist, connecting the viewer with the artist in a nontraditional but biologically visceral way.
Andrulaitis + Mixon Brand Development
Andrulaitis+Mixon is a contemporary architecture firm located in Santa Barbara, California. I lead the design strategy team that developed the name, brand identity and brand strategy for this newly-formed company, whose principals came together from several other prestigious southern California architecture firms to create this new company. We developed a flexible identity designed to help Andrulatitis+Mixon stand out amongst a number of competing architecture firms, and that scaled across all of the various brand touchpoints integral to their brand expression.
Brand Identity Development, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction
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